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Towing Companies

Choose our services for title searches, certified mail handling, and lien solutions for abandoned vehicles to save both time and money.



Changing the Way you File for Abandoned and Unclaimed Vehicle Titles

Lien-Back National 
Providing Peace of Mind When Filing for Titles

How we process Payments

For your account, you will have a virtual wallet that allows you to fund for readily available data to enter your lien services. Costs will vary from job to job. 

Indiana law requires that notices be sent via Certified Mail to all parties with a legal interest in the vehicle within 72 hours of the vehicle entering your lot or property. 

Our package includes a Title Search Inquiry and  preparing and mailing of the Certified Mail notices with receipts, presented in the exact format required by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles .




Certificate of authority allows you to send your vehicle to scrap provided you meet their other requirements in accordance with state and federal laws.

This will yield a packet for completion of information allowing you to process a title.

In addition to the mechanic lien packet, with your uploaded physical inspection sheet, and the esignatures completed, we will do the auctioneer portion and mail the completed packet to the bmv to send the designated titles to their perspective purchasers.

* New Client pricing is for the first 100 liens or first 3 months, whichever comes first. This promotional price is for new clientele only, existing customers are at their perspective rates. Bulk rates are as advertised and will also have their own promotional rates attached meeting the 100 lien mark. 





Cost plus Pricing. This means that we extend our costs to you with an additional service charge. Currently, while ensuring the accuracy of our automation algorithm, we have a dedicated team manually configuring the documents for your needs. The automation requires little overhead in comparison to the manual labor, however, we extend the courtesy to you. We also set up bulk discounts based on your volume.  


Your deposit is your credit limit. After 90 days, with established payment rapport we will bill on a net 30 basis . Example: expected Notices at Q50, expected COA at Q10, expected Lien packets at Q10, & expected Full titles at Q 10. pricing would be 20 x $25, 10 x $5, 10 x $125, 10 x $250 = $4,300. In this instance, a deposit of $4,300 would be required for a down payment, and we would bill on a net 30 from your digital wallet.

Pricing Structures:

Notices and COA are unwavering in price. Notices are included in the lien packet or Full title packages.

Lien packets:

0-5 per month = $150 per packet

6-50 per month = $125 per packet

51-100 per month = $112.50 per packet

101-500 per month = $87.50 per packet

Full Title package:

0-5 per month = $300 per title

6-50 per month = $250 per title

51-100 per month = $225 per title

101-500 per month = $175 per title

Full title package does not include speedy title. BMV charges an additional $, we extend that to you pricing. Speak with your representative to adjust your settings.

Ensured Auctioneer verification

We have an in house auctioneer that is licensed and up to date who will be able to sign your packets for the auctioneer portion after our requirements are met. This is normally a $20-25 dollar charge for local auctioneers. This is included in the full title package.

How to upload photos to our app

You can send photos to The photos we request are of the downloadable form for physical vehicle inspection and odometer on the dash. The rest, we handle. 


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